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Palestinian National Health Strategy 2011-2013
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Palestinian National Health Strategy 2011-2013


It is my pleasure to present the 2011-2013 National Health Strategy for
Palestine. This is a strategy for the Palestinian health sector developed by
stakeholders in Palestine, from the government, donors, NGOs, the private
sector and UN agencies. The process was led by the Ministry of Health
planning team, comprising personnel from my office, the health policy and
planning general directorate and the international cooperation department.
Our three year strategy outlines priorities that will lead to further development
of the Ministry of Health as a state institution providing good governance and
leadership in overseeing and regulating the Palestinian health sector. This
strategy serves as a major building block to further develop the Ministry of
Health into a state institution that will serve the independent Palestinian
state. Unlike previous strategies, this strategy is not a shopping list or wish
list of projects. Instead, this strategy gives strategic areas for support within
the framework of internationally agreed criteria for what constitutes a sound
strategy. It also provides for a concerted effort that will ultimately ensure that ill
health is prevented among Palestinian people and that those who need it have
access to and receive quality, safe health care.
It is a Ministry of Health deeply held value that all Palestinians have the
right to health. As such, the priority areas focus on state building and better
governance, health promotion, accessible, quality and safe service delivery, and
sustainability through appropriate health financing mechanisms and competent
human resources.
I would like to extend my appreciation to the many stakeholders who worked
with our strategic planning team. A number of you attended consultative
meetings, reviewed the draft versions of the strategy and provided your insights
and wisdom. Together we will work to implement this strategy, focused on
And as always, thank you for supporting the Palestinian health system.

Dr. Fathi Abumoghli
Minister of Health
Ramallah, 2010


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